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Miller “best suited” to “revitalize the stalled conversations currently dominating Washington”

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For the past 18 years, Matt Miller has hosted the KCRW political radio show “Left, Right & Center” in Santa Monica, where he pushed for real solutions to our country’s problems. He’s authored two books (read them here) praised by presidents, economists and leading policymakers.  The Los Angeles Times called


  • Shame on @TomTorlakson & unions ads re @MarshallTuck having “privatizing” plan. Churchill urged Brits to “Deserve Victory.” TT doesn’t.
  • Parents, educators, and kids are all saying that @MarshallTuck will be an advocate for our kids. http://t.co/1FTwu191zN #Tuck2014
  • Zeitgeist alert: anyone else think episode 3 of The Affair was disappointingly slow?
  • Promising: we need 2 invest in teaching MT @ezraklein: This school paid teachers $125,000 — and test scores went up: http://t.co/s43La4s1eR
  • How can LAT feature @MarshallTuck race but not note he’s won EVERY major newspaper endorsement - and not cite dismal stats on CA schools??

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