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For the past 18 years, Matt Miller has hosted the KCRW political radio show “Left, Right & Center” in Santa Monica, where he pushed for real solutions to our country’s problems. He’s authored two books (read them here) praised by presidents, economists and leading policymakers.  The Los Angeles Times called


  • Read what @lessig called "comprehensive solutions the country needs"
  • Read my common sense ideas to get special interest money out of politics.
  • Politicians fund their campaigns w/ donations from the industries/special interests they regulate. It’s legalized corruption. We must end it
  • We need to reduce the toxic influence of money in politics and policymaking. Here's my plan:
  • At 6 p tonight call (310) 507-1066 to ask Qs & hear my live chat w/ Pres Obama's fmr top econ advisor @Austan_Goolsbee

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